Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub to share the information for exploring the current situation in Tunisia regarding climate change impacts, agricultural sector, advisory services and adaptation practices.

The Knowledge hub was created to share relevant information for the partners involved in the Living Lab activities. The hub gathers, amongst other things, a selection of relevant literature, documents on the state of the art of NW Tunisian agriculture sector and interviews with key stakeholders and experts in Living Lab creation.

During the project, this Knowledge Hub will be alimented with updated content.


Interview with Gustavo Perez

Gustavo Perez is a Project Manager at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is involved in the EU funded project 5TOI_4EWAS looking for new ways to generate innovation in the South Mediterranean Neighbourhood. In this short interview he gives us his insights on how to ensure the replicability of a project.

Interview with Fernando Vilariño

Fernando Vilariño is the president of the European Network of Living Labs, a space based on a user co-creation approach, integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and looking to expand innovation and businesses. We met with him to exchange views on the importance of Living Labs and we received some very useful tips in order to develop our own model.

The factsheets

Co-creation of Factsheets of adaptation solutions

FASTER project expected outcomes include a series of factsheets co-designed by Living Lab participants focussing on adaptation practices and solutions integrating both on scientific findings and experience-based knowledge.

Faster Living Lab Process Factsheet

This Factsheet summarizes the whole process of the FASTER Living Lab process.