Sharing knowledge on wastewater reuse: Europe for Business partners with Water Europe

This week our partner Europe for Business attended the online event organised by Water Europe. The meeting aimed to discuss the status of the white paper on water reuse regulation, some relevant initiatives proposed by the members, the upcoming opportunities for Horizon Europe and the next steps forward. The key speakers addressed the importance of exploring strategies to increase business opportunities in the field of wastewater reuse. Therefore, the scope of their study is to enable fruitful market exploitation of water innovation through the creation of outreach business cases.

Evidently, the objective of their work is in line with the purpose and mission of FASTER, given that both promote the interaction and exchange of knowledge in order to identify the needs of the agri-food sector. The event was also the occasion to present the work plan to achieve the goals and to give some insights on the tentative white paper on the impact of the new regulations for water reuse implementation on the agri-food value chain and the strategies for its adoption.


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