FASTER’s environmental adaptation: Workshop on FAS Living Lab factsheets

From March 3rd to March 5th, FASTER held a Co-Creation workshop in Tabarka as part of the Living Lab activity to further the work in the FAS (Farm Advisory System) Factsheets. The objective of these documents is to transfer knowledge on measures to successfully achieve adaptation to climate change in the Tunisian agricultural sector.

The event hosted 15 thematic groups comprised of more than 60 people per day. The participants focused on joining efforts to finalise the advanced factsheets. FASTER’s partner, INRGREF, encouraged everyone to work on their suggestions, taking into account the different stakeholders that will receive the factsheets and that will benefit from their work by implementing them in their daily jobs.

Moreover, this week, FASTER’s partners organised an online workshop led by Annalies Broekman of CREAF. It consisted of the drafting and guidance meeting to solve all the doubts the participating groups may have towards the final version of their factsheets. The leaders of each thematic group explained their dynamic and interacted with them to exchange knowledge and progress towards their final factsheets.  Finally, the participants uploaded their draft to the e-learning platform, a tool created to exchange documents and promote discussion among them.

These events are a great jumpstart for the evolution of the FAS tools, as the number of factsheets has been doubled since the beginning of the activity. The next meeting about the Living Lab is planned for April, to allow other FASTER partners to finalize the factsheets.

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