Flash News: 2021 FASTER Summer School Key Learnings

This past May, FASTER hosted a two-week Summer School program that allowed participants to engage in an open debate with researchers, FAS agents, and other key stakeholders. Each afternoon allowed for the presentation of a topic-specific set of factsheets co-created by the Living Lab working groups produced to transmit critical findings and advice on opportunities to improve climate change adaptation for the agricultural sector.

The release of FASTER’s Summer School conclusions document has a strategic purpose to inform and educate the FAS agents. The document includes a detailed summary of week one, which focused on adaptation strategies to face climate change, and week two, which allowed for in-depth debates on five topics: 1) water management, 2) livestock adaptation, 3) impact of climate change in agriculture, 4) polyfarming system and regenerative agriculture, and 5) engaging women in agriculture.

Additionally, the conclusions paper helps to reinforce the defined goals of the Summer School program which are to: introduce adaptation measures relevant for Tunisia, including lessons learned from other projects and experiences; provide tailored training on governance for adaptation, soil, water, forest management, and communication; engage participants in the living lab campaign; and provide discussion between researchers, experts, and FAS agents.

One of the key objectives of the FASTER project overall, is to develop a sustainable framework for research capacity building, international networking, and FAS practice to achieve its’ mission. Based on the outcomes captured in the conclusions paper, this objective was successfully achieved. To learn more, visit this link to read the entire conclusions paper: 



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