Second step of Capacity Building, Steering Committee and Living Lab Workshop: busy week for FASTER

A new eventful week for the FASTER project partners: October 2019 kicked off with the organization of a second set of Capacity Building trainings for Research Excellence, a new Steering Committee Meeting, and the official launching of the Living Lab.

📅 7 – 11 October 2019
📍 Tunis, Tunisia

The second Steering Committee of the H2020 project FASTER, held on the 9 October 2019 in Tunis, gave the opportunity to the partners to gather and discuss about the future of the project.

During the same week was launched the second step of the Capacity Building process of the project with the “Research excellence tools” training, as well as the organization of a workshop to officially launch the FASTER Living Lab in the North-West region of Tunisia.

The Research excellence tools training : 7- 11October 2019

The research excellence tools training activities represented the second step undertaken by FASTER’s capacity-building tasks in the path towards increased research excellence of INRGREF and associated partners.

The primary objective of the program was to increase the development of human resources and build the capacity of scientific staff within INRGREF. More specifically, it focused on honing their research skills, internationalisation, innovation and leadership to improve research excellence, innovation potential and the overall scientific quality of the institution.  The courses aimed at providing the necessary knowledge and tools to increase performance indicators, provide outputs to the achieved research and obtain the resources to conduct new excellent research.

It comprised five excellence-training courses:

  • Drafting international proposals part 1: EU research context and proposal development – A. Broekman and A. Sánchez
  • Drafting international proposals part 2: Networking and partnerships– A. Broekman and A. Sánchez
  • Exploitation, dissemination and scientific communication for EU funded projects – K. Maronati
  • Financial and Legal Management of European Projects – L. Piccinetti
  • How to write and publish scientific papers – A. Ackfeldt

85 participants joined the training programme, among them: Tunisian researchers, representatives from associated institutions, engineers and specific experts. Their evaluation of the course was very positive with nearly 90% of them very satisfied by the topics and the overall organization.

To learn more about this training, download the full agenda and learn about the trainers, click here

The FAS Living Lab Launch Workshop : 10 October 2019

In the framework of the FASTER Living Lab and after the two previous workshop held on January and April 2019, this workshop was developed to provide the stakeholders with specific training on the implementation of the Living Lab protocol.

The activity allowed the FASTER members and Living Lab leaders to explain to the participants the different stages, aims and methods used during the process.
Moreover, the participants were able to commit and express their interest in specific aspects to be developed in each of the field of interest (water, soil and forest management under climate change).

During the event, the participants shared their feedbacks on the process and discussed the relevence of the information produced by the Lab and the ways to make it accessible for end users who did not participate directly in the reflection process.

The Living Lab will continue its development process with a next Workshop
during the first half of 2020 to talk on concrete topics of interests.

The FASTER Summer School programme, to also take place in the first half of 2020, is closely related to the Living Lab, with its objective to enhance the transfer of knowledge between researchers, experts and farm advisory agents and professional organisations in the agriculture sector.

To learn more about the FASTER Living Lab and its objectives, click here

Next step of the capacity building process: Specialized training programme – Second half of 2020

The third step of the Capacity building stage of the project FASTER will take place in the 2nd half of 2020 with a set of Specialized trainings to increase and update the educational and research capacity of INRGREF and associated partners. Specifically, they will focus on enhancing research skills and tools and improving research excellence, innovation potential and the overall scientific quality of the institutions. 

Thus, the specialized training program will comprise nine excellence-training courses to provide the necessary knowledge and tools to increase research performance indicators.

More information to be provided soon.

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