Bringing the values of Research Excellence to the 15th DWF Water Research Conference

One of the expected impacts of the FASTER project is to improve water research. Related to this aim, FASTER partner Europe for Business has participated last February 4 in one of the online sessions of the 15th Danish Water Forum – Water Research Conference. The event included five different sessions in February, while three additional sessions will be organised during the month of March, with more than 50 presentations on related themes.

The conference’s objectives are to strengthen international efforts on research development and innovation within the broad field of water. It aims to give a general overview of the Research and Innovation water priorities of Water4All to respond to the challenge of “enabling water security for all in the long term“.

FASTER partner Europe for Business (EfB) participated in the session International Research cooperation in Africa, whose objective was to establish networking between water professionals interested in international research cooperation that contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

EfB is also participating in a working group with representatives of the European Commission, water-related initiatives, networks of experts and associations in Europe, and are working on Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of Water4All.

The Agenda and objectives of the Danish Water Forum – Water Research Conference demonstrate the importance of FASTER pillars and how necessary it is to transfer knowledge and stimulate national and international networking to improve research excellence. 

 About Water4All

Water4All forms part of the eight European Partnerships on the Cluster 6 «Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment» of Horizon Europe and represents one of the most important African initiatives of this program.

The main aim of the Water4All partnership is to enable water security for all in the long term, working on the entire chain of research and innovation in the field of water, through boosting systemic transformations and changes across the entire research – water innovation pipeline, fostering the matchmaking between problem owners and solution providers. It proposes a portfolio of multinational, multi-faceted and cross-sectoral approaches, encompassing policy, environmental, economic, technological and societal considerations. Enabling water security for all is a keystone for achieving the Green Deal and a Healthy Europe. 


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