Month: August 2021

Empowering Mediterranean Women Through Research Excellence

Today’s society is facing increasingly complex global challenges, such as climate change and the search for alternative and sustainable energy sources. In this context, not only technology and science have become key tools to address many of these problems, but also gender equality and cultural inclusivity to share the best solutions and experiences among people.…
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Flash News: 2021 FASTER Summer School Key Learnings

This past May, FASTER hosted a two-week Summer School program that allowed participants to engage in an open debate with researchers, FAS agents, and other key stakeholders. Each afternoon allowed for the presentation of a topic-specific set of factsheets co-created by the Living Lab working groups produced to transmit critical findings and advice on opportunities…
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À la recherche d’emplois ou d’opportunités de réseautage dans le SCA et le changement climatique?Rejoindre le FASTER «Excellence Hub»

Dans le cadre de l’engagement de FASTER à renforcer la capacité de recherche et de transfert de connaissances de l’INRGREF et des institutions tunisiennes associées et d’améliorer la durabilité du projet, un pôle d’excellence, appelé FASTER Excellence Hub sera lancé en septembre pour soutenir SCA et les jeunes professionnels. Cet outil gratuit est créé pour…
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