Growing Excellence in Research

One of the main goals of the FASTER project is to reinforce the research and knowledge transfer capacity of INRGREF and associated Tunisian partners in relation to innovative land and water management in view of climate change, fostering its implementation through the use of Farm Advisory Systems (FAS).

Improving research excellence, enhancing reputation, and achieving higher competitiveness in the EU and beyond through national and international funding opportunities, requires improved research related to specific thematic areas such as water and land management. Moreover, it also requires the reinforcement of basic skills and tools to increase performance indicators, to provide outputs for the achieved research and to obtain resources to conduct new excellent research. These objectives will be boosted by the second stage of FASTER “Capacity building towards research excellence” programme that involves the delivery of five research excellence training courses.

FASTER’s European partners CREAF, Lund University, EfB and Vision, will combine efforts to organise the courses that will cover key aspects such as: improving skills for scientific paper writing and publishing providing reference and guidance to researchers for successfully developing and implementing all features of international project proposals increasing networking and partnerships.
The courses, to be delivered over a one-week period, will be organised in Tunis, during the first or second week of October 2019 and they will be dedicated to researchers mainly from INRGREF and IRESA as well as representatives from associated institutions, engineers, and specific experts from extension services that could benefit from the course contents.
This second training step will be followed by specialized trainings on adaptation to climate change in land and water management. The courses will be accompanied by a coordinated mobility program organised throughout the project.

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